Rapidly grow your profitability

By offering Wealth Management Services to your clients you can rapidly grow your profitability and create a more engaging client relationship.

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Focus your attention on the Client

Don’t get trapped in the administrative burdens of doing everything by yourself. By outsourcing the back office to a TAMP like Wealth Management LLC we can free you up to balance the demands of your tax practice and grow / build your Wealth Management business.

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Need a Better Game Plan?

We have a Simplified Process, Designed by Tax Professionals for other Tax Professionals, with Dedicated Support!

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PFS? Jumpstart your firm!

We have a Tax Professional Friendly program, with personalized help, and an Efficient Process designed by people who understand your business (because we are tax professionals too!)

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Are you 100:1?

Are you getting your fair share? In our experience, on average Tax Professionals who follow our program can develop a Wealth Management business which is roughly the size of 100:1 of their annual tax billings! Which in simplistic terms means they can double their business without materially adding to their staff or finding new clients.

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We make it SIMPLE for tax professionals to evaluate and offer investment services to their clients.  Adding investments to your existing practice can rapidly GROW your profits by leveraging your current client relationships.  Our DIFFERENTIATED program allows you to stay focused on the client and we will handle the back office; enabling you to manage the time demands of your tax practice and provide wealth management services without adding staff.

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Why partner with us?

Firms choose Wealth Management LLC because we help you grow your business with proven tools that allow you to stay focused on the client while we handle the back office.

• CPA Friendly (Tax Conscious) -Designed by CPA’s for financial professionals
• Prudent Models (Low Cost) -Application based on academic principles
• Back Office Support -We become an extension of your back office
• Maximize Client Relationships -Systems to minimize your administrative work
• Grow Your Business

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      • Investment Models (low cost based on academic principles)
      • Customized and branded client presentation materials
      • Morningstar Analysis for your clients
      • Proprietary QuickFinder Guide (Quick response guide to FAQ)
      • Trading Services (Trading / Transfers / Re-balancing)
      • Client Billing
      • Quarterly Branded Statements
      • Custom Website
      • Dedicated Support Person
      • And Much More….

      We work with various levels of Financial Professionals (CPA, RIA, CFP®) from those wishing to start offering investment advisory services to their clients to existing advisory practices looking to focus more on the client and less on administrative support services. We provide the back office for your advisory business. Our services are scaleable depending on your needs.

Nobel prize winning approach

Academic Approach – Wealth Management LLC makes investment decisions that are based on an academically-based model of investing, including but not limited to: the Nobel Prize winning model Fama-French Three Factor Model of 1992 and Modern Portfolio Theory and we apply a Fiduciary Mandate Process. The firm begins its asset selection with over 25,000 mutual fund options and filters this down based on our approach and the Advisor Client goals to recommendations for each asset class. This process forces low cost solutions and long-term strategies to fulfill the client goals.

Eugene Fama on Modern Finance Video Transcript

Choose the portfolio designed specifically for your client

Wealth Management LLC works with our Advisors to develop a portfolio that would fit client needs and risk tolerance. We help Advisors navigate the market. This portfolio would be diversified and re-balanced to take advantage of market dips and swings always keeping the long-term goals in mind.

    • Wealth Management believes in passive management. What does that mean? Low Cost Investments – Passive asset class funds traditionally have lower operating expenses and transaction costs. Morningstar Director of Mutual Fund Research Russel Kinnel observed: “In every single time period and data point tested, low-cost funds beat high-cost funds.”

      Passive vs Active Management Video Transcript

      Diversification allows for risk protection. Our investment strategy is based on the principles of the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), a Nobel Prize winning model. MPT provides for a passive, long-term buy-and-hold strategy implemented through globally-diversified portfolios. Portfolios are rebalanced to maintain agreed upon asset allocations.

      REBALANCING Video Transcript

      No looking for the next trending stock, which is money that moves in and out of investments frequently. Our preferred advisors manage wealth with a long-term perspective in mind. This lowers the transaction costs, gives greater tax efficiency and lowers operating costs.

      Wealth Management gives concierge service to our Investment Partners to assist them in making smart decisions for their clients.